Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Fusion Pick 'N' Mix Line now Released

The first post in what is due to be a few today.

The Pick 'N' Mix concept came from customers wanting parts of Fusion bodies, without the expense of having to buy the whole body.

Starting off, you have the Fusion Universal Basics Pack at 750L$. This gives you the core of the Fusion body - Feet, Nails, Chest, HUDs and more. Everything that is interchangeable between the Fusion Bodies.

The Second Area is Arms. These are priced at 250L$, and give you currently all 6 primary arms on offer in store.

Then you have Torso/Legs. Priced at 500L$, you can choose any of the Fusion Lower bodies  currently on offer in store. A suprise here though is something that came from a number of comments from customers. They asked if we had considered doing the Fusion part of the Wideloads, as a separate object, for less price. To that end, we have done that, and you can now buy the Fusion Only Wideloads parts.

Chests. This is where I throw a few new surprises in. First, as with the Wideloads, the same questions was asked about the vString Revolutions line. Could we do the Fusion Revolutions as stand alone objects. The Answer is yes.... and they are now in store for 500L$
The next is something completely unique to Fusion in the shape of the new Realz Chests. Offering sizes from A cup to DD cup, with 12 different chests on offer, these are smaller and more basic that the Revolutions, but perfectly formed Realistic chests. And due to the fact they have fewer options they are cheaper at 400L$

Overall, there are 29 Fusion Options to choose from in our Pick 'n' Mix department, and while the bulk of the new products are in here, there are still quite a few new products yet to come.

Check it out in the Fusion main store!