Friday, 5 September 2014

Fusion Modular Fitted Mesh Body System released

For many months now, its not exactly been a secret that Violet Studios have been working on a Mesh body. In fact, the development process has been going for near enough 6 months.

Finally though, the rumours become reality with the release of Fusion - perhaps the most advanced body system ever seen on SL.

The name Fusion wasn’t an accident. It sums up what the Fusion Mesh system is all about.
Utilising well thought out design theories, innovative creation methods, Fusion is capable of virtually unlimited combination, giving users thousands of body configuration options, all in a neat, easy to use package.

Mesh bodies have often been beautifully built, but highly inflexible items. By comparison, the stock avatar can offer far more flexibility but is more lacking due to the fact you are attaching parts that will never be truly seamless.

This is where Fusion is very different.

Fusion is a modular body. What this means is, its built in different pieces. So, if you buy the Fusion Genesis full body, in the Folder you will find there are separate objects for the Arms, Chest, Nipples, Finger Nails, Torso, Legs and Feet. By wearing all of these items together, you assemble the body in its pieces to form a seamless whole.

However, because Fusion is constructed in this way, it means you can swap out pieces of the body and replace them with completely new pieces. As an example, you already own the Wideloads Classic’s Butts, and the vString Revolution Petites.
All you need to do is grab the latest update to these and you will find a new Fusion Box in each of them which you should unpack. Inside the Revolution Petite box, you will find there are now Fusion Chest modules and Fusion Nipples for each of the Petite models. Inside the Wideloads you will find there are Fusion Torso and legs for each of the Classic Models.

Wearing the Genesis body, and wearing as an example, the Fusion Petite “Melon” breasts and nipples, and the Wideload Classic Fusion Hourglass Torso and Legs, you have now got a full body with the elements from both the Revolutions and Wideloads.

However, this is the important bit. These elements are seamless.
There is no seam joints where the breasts meet the body, and no line where the butt meets the waist. Whats more, these work with the majority of Windlight settings so you can be assured that for almost all Windlight settings, you and the people viewing you, will not see any ugly or unsightly lines.

Its clear when you look at whats available on the market today, Fusion is (as you would expect from the Innovators at Violet Studios) a completely new and intelligent quantum leap forward in mesh bodies

But I think I should stop the marketing  pitch here. Needless to say, the full information is available in store. I could go on for hours about the huge features list Fusion offers customers.
There are demos in store.
You can choose from:
Genesis - this is a classic SL style avatar body that will work with many designers mesh attachment
Supermodel - a slender but sexy style femme
Athletic - realistic more muscular and toned
Amazon - rather over the top for me, but atypically, very feminine
Ruben - a plumper more rounded body
Andro - a less feminine style body, but surprisingly sexy.

All of these bodies come in at 1500L$

There is also our Special edition mutli stage pregnancy body with 7 different stages and unique breast designs which is coming in at 2000L$

All of these work with vString Revolution Fusions and Wideloads if you so choose.

Check Fusion out by heading to the Polymorph store (its inbetween the VSX and vString Stores on Pheadra)