Friday, 5 September 2014

vString Revolution Helium & 4.2 Release, Wideload 1.2 Update, and Style Heels V4 update

vString Revolution Helium and 4.2 Release

I am proud to announce the arrival of the new vString Revolution Helium Model as well as the awaited release of the Version 4.2 Update to the Revolutions overall.

As this is Adult, full details can be found here.

Wideloads 1.2 Update

Continuing our ongoing commitment to bringing you the very best products on the market I am please to announce the release of  Wideloads V1.2.

For 1.2 we have extensively looked at the way the textures seat so they are as smooth and realistic as they can be. In addition we have also included a new “Pants Flare” extra piece.
The most important update is the release of a Fusion Ready Lower Body for each of the Wideloads, so now you can, using the Fusion Mesh bodies, have a seamless lower body with no windlight issues.

If you choose to buy a Fusion Body, all you need to do is wear the relevant Wideloads Fusion Torso and Legs modules and the body is now wearing seamless and windlight independent Wideloads!
See the Polymorph Studio for more details on Fusion & how it works.
Style Heels Version 4 Update
With the Release of Fusion, we have now released an updated model for All style heels that combines the best of the original design with all the advanced skin and clothing options found on Fusion.
If you are thinking of a Fusion Mesh Body, then grab the update.