Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Polymorph Wideloads Version 1.1 Update Released

Roughly a month ago, I released our first generation of Wideloads Fitted Mesh lower bodies (or Butts if you want) .
Since then, we have been listening to customers feedback, request and also finding out some new if rather strange techniques when it comes to Fitted Mesh.

The result of this comes together in the Wideloads Version 1.1 release.
The improvements are split in to two areas.

Firstly the Skin / Clothing layers have had extensive clean up work done over how the texture sit on them, cutting out a lot of the more jagged edges and texture distortions. Customers will now find everything works a great deal better.

Secondly, thanks to a strange "bug" of fitted/rigged mesh, the wideloads have now moved to seamless skin tight tattoo / clothing layers.
This design method has allowed us to solve multiple issues all at the same time. As these are skin tight they now behave exactly as you would expect with no gap between the layers. This in turn has cured all clip through issues on the clothing layers hence on the new HUDs, there is no clip fix system as its no longer needed. The disappearing tattoo layer is now also a thing of the past, and the minor issue that was going on over the waist area with compounding layers is now also a thing of the past.

I would like to thank all those customers who got in touch with their issues, and as always have helped to build better products for everyone.
Already have the Wideloads - To get the 1.1 release, all you need to do is wear the updater in the sales box and the new model will be sent to you