Saturday, 24 May 2014

Verotic & LTX Clothing – ADV Mesh Applier system

This is a short update with a large implication – In March 2014 we released after a vast effort our ADV System designed to apply Skins to other people mesh products.
This was always going to be part 1 though, as there was a second system that needed to be looked at – the ADV Clothing project.
Virtually all mesh body part replacement systems on the grid, including our own Polymorph lines feature a two layer clothing set up.
The ADV Clothing Applier system has taken every Violet Studios clothing product for sale at the moment, and converted them at great cost (wanna see a migrane?) to the ADV System.

What that means is, in one quiet but powerful swoop, all of Verotic Clothing and LTX is now featuring the ultra flexible ADV applier which is effectively a swiss army knife when it comes to mesh.
At this moment, this means that with the ADV scripts installed in your products of choice (these are available for free in store), you can apply to Polymorph (at the moment just the Wideloads), Phat Azz, Sking Brazillia, Ghetto Booty, Manoua’s Muscle Bodies, and the new Wowmeh Body.
See the above posting for more on the ADV 1.1 Release, and remember, as time goes on, ADV will be adding more products to its supported list, giving you semi future proofed compatibility in a fraction of the time that building traditional appliers would, plus its so much simpler to work with.