Friday, 27 April 2018

Violet Studios Marketplace Update

The Marketplace is something merchants have a hate / hate affair with mostly down to how it works and as such over the years I slowly found myself dreading going on to it and adding new stuff.

Recently I became truly aware of just how outdated my products were and decided to do something about it.

Firstly, I know many customers may have bought outdated items that were updated in world. For those customers there is good news. Head to the redelivery terminals in world and see what's in there. Everything that has been updated is now in the Casper Redelivery system.

Secondly, I have finally been able to take down all the insanely outdated products including my original demon skins (not even ADV spec and before you say it, I attempted to do this before, but the Marketplace kept throwing wobblies). Surprisingly by the time I had finished I had roughly 300 products still online.

Over the last month I have been tackling the market place - it is why I have been so quiet and the vast majority of Violet Studios best sellers are now on there!

Let me break it down:
LTX - Now full on the Market Place - if it's in world, it's now on there
Fusion - 95% of the Fusion product line is now on the Marketplace, male and female
VSX - oddly this was mostly up to date and on there.
vString - All the latest Verson 5 models are now on there across the Revolutions, Essential and Specials. Most of the range was still on version 4 or earlier.
Verotic - Now here is a surprise. The whole line up of Verotic Male and Female Skins are now on the Market Place.
Headmaster - I know a lot of the range is old, but I have put roughly 90% of the Headmasters line up.
Violet Cybernetics was on the market place and mostly up to date, but I have now put the Cyber hairs up too.
Hanabi 2.0 - I have put roughly 70% of the reworked Hanabi Worxx store up, mostly the best sellers.
Optica Eyewear is now fully up.

Finally... the Demon Studio.
This was always well catered for on the market place but as I mentioned, the skins were painfully out of date. I am pleased to say that all ADV2 Omega Advanced ready Demon Studio skins are now on the market place, male and female.

At this moment I have near enough 800 products on there. Nowhere near my full selection but my best sellers. I still have some work to do on this and I am hoping I will be able to get things sorted out soon.

Regular services and new products are now resumed.