Monday, 2 April 2018

Market Place Updates - LTX Now Live

I think it is fair to say over the last five years I have been subconsciously avoiding the Marketplace. As users I am sure you have your own opinions of it, but I will tell you that for Merchants it is has been a swine to deal with.
Between the awful interfaces and the sheer amount of time it took do do things, not to mention the number of times I ended up pulling my hair out because of it, I ended up distancing myself from it for my own sanity.
The result has been my products on the market place have been falling way out of date and I decided it was time I brought things up to scratch.

Firstly you will notice the Verotic and Demon Studio skins have gone. Don't worry. They are coming back but with the latest versions.I have also uploaded and installed all the new Valhalla horns on the demon studio side.

My main focus today though was going through store by store, and the first on the list was LTX. With the exception of the LTX Hairs, I have put the whole studio on the Market Place now.
This process is going to continue over the week as I bring what I have in world on to the market place although as today has proven, working like a maniac all day, I only managed to do 100 items. Considering that barely scratches the surface of what I have, I think I might be at this for a while.

Expect more from me soon, plus I do have new products nearly ready for release.