Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Violet Studios Update System out of Action

Over the last week, many people have been contacting me saying that the Update System which is included with selected products was not working. Last night I investigated the issues and found that the customer were correct - the Updater system was not working. 

Checking in to this, much to my horror I found that Hippo, the company I purchased the update system from was out of action and unbeknownst to me, their update system was web enabled, which means with their customer site out of commission, the whole updater system collapsed.

Hippo on their website are being quite vague about what is going on or even if it is going to come back at all. Needless to say, it looks like a distinct possibility that the update system is now defunct.

So, where does this leave you?

Primarily for the most regular updated products such as Fusion or vString, you should be fine. Because I moved my vendor system over to Casper a few years back, you can use the redelivery terminal in store to get your updates.

If you bought your fusion or vString products on the market place you will be supported too. Casper does have a system where you can import sales from the market place and I will be sorting out customer updates there too. In other words you will be able to update your product via the redelivery terminal.

This situation is a mess and I am not happy to say the least. I will be going through all updateable products soon and installing new Casper Updaters to replace the defunct Hippo ones.
I can only apologise to customers but sadly it is out of my hands.

If you have a product that you need updating and you can't get it from the redelivery terminal, please contact Hemi Violet in world and I will try to get this sorted for you. 

Do remember I am only human though and even I can't do everything.