Thursday, 8 February 2018

vString Revolution 5.0 Now Out

In 2014, Violet Studios introduced the Revolutions, Second Life's first fitted mesh breasts. Over the following years, the Revolutions have been improved and expanded until Version 4.6, where they reached a point where nothing more really could be done.
Since then, things have changed dramatically on the grid with the rise of mesh bodies, including my own Fusion brand which also form part of the Revolutions as well, offering seamless integration.

With Omega Advanced and ADV now offering full skin, clothing and tattoo layer support and being widely used by many companies, I decided to take a look at the Revolutions again and the result is Version 5, and it is a radical departure, while being oddly familiar.

To start with the Revolution 5's have lost a model. The Petites have been upgraded, however because of their size, they have proven far too problematic. They will be available as updates soon. All other Revolution Models have been upgraded though.

The V5 models are effectively all new Mesh based on Fusion Ultima. The upper body joint has been painstakingly remapped to ensure smooth transition, but more importantly, they have kept the Revolutions UV Mapping. This is important because it means they now use standard SL body textures, which means they are ADV and Omega Advanced compatible.

No more applier issues or problems. If a skin, an item of clothing or a tattoo is supported by Omega or ADV, you can use them on the Revolutions. The only down side is that you will need to purchase the Omega Activator, which is 99L$ and is available in store with the Revolutions.

I have also reworked the smart nipples dropping the over complex mesh structure in favour of a smoother structure. That said, you only get 3 nipple choices now (2 on the Naturals).
Overall, these are the perfect implants. They are a breeze to work with, offer full materials support and will tie in to both the SL avatar and mesh bodies without a hitch.

If you own the Revolutions, simply wear your updater, or visit in store and see the Redelivery terminal.

It doesn’t stop there though. Fusion also features separate Revolution spec breasts which are included. When Ultima was released, I did say I was going to retrofit them with improved nipple designs. Well, now you have them. All the nipples featured on the Revolutions are now included and ready to use with Fusion Revo breasts.
Again, wear the updater or visit in store and see the redelivery terminal.

Expect some new developments soon.

As this is a PG blog I can't show you pictures, however you can if you click this link