Saturday, 5 March 2016

Optica Eyewear Released

I wear glasses. In fact its fair to say, a lot of people wear glasses and while in this wonderful virtual world we can buy just about anything, glasses seem to be in short supply.

For many years now I have had the idea of building a range of glasses in the back of my head as the small select I found many years ago of quality glasses simply didn’t suit my tastes.
I was working on something which needed me to have a specific style of glasses and I didn’t have any. So I built some, and then some more... until you get this.
Violet Studios Optica Line. 8 Unisex Glasses, a unisex Monocle and one set of female specific glasses.

They don’t shoot rockets, or have inbuilt artificial intelligence. They are just glasses.
But they also come packed with the latest design techniques.

Full Single piece mesh construction for easy fitment, 4 area Unlimited 3 Texture and colour change systems with U3 Materials shine control for the Metal and Plastic parts and fully modifiable glass opacity with a sunglasses option.
Quality design, highly configurable, and all of this at a fantastic price.

I have enjoyed building these, but with so much variation in eyewear, its up to you if you like what you see, or if you don’t see the style you want, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Now for some Eyecandy... pun intended...