Thursday, 17 March 2016

ADV2 Update Competed (Important)

Yesterday, I posted that I had finished the ADV2 Omega Repairs to Verotic Skins along with a Omega Hands and Feet Upgrade.

Today, I am pleased to say I have now completed the Update and Repair to all ADV2 Appliers.

Included are:

Demon Studio - Abyss, Torya, Elyssian, Elyssian Sleek Muscle and Veyra Skins. These have all had the Omega Fix and now have hand and feet upgrades to avoid the nail overlay on certain mesh bodies.

LTX - These have been repaired and reissued. There is no hand and feet appliers upgrades for these as the skin never came with nails. Included are the Original LTX skin and the Rubber Girl Skin.

Finally in Hanabi 2.0 I have repaired the Omega systems on the Zoe, Drenai and Skunky skins.

To get your updated copy of the ADV2 applier, simply follow this method

For ADV Customers - Inside the implant applier folder you will find there is an updater.  Simply wear that and a fresh copy will be sent to you.

For ADV2 Customers - Find the ADV2 Implant and Mesh body hud, and wear it - again a fresh copy will be sent to you.