Saturday, 12 March 2016

VSX & Sveller Labs moved to Pheadra sim

Earlier this week I posted about the sims changes going on at Violet Studios.
I am pleased to say that the majority of the structural changes are now complete and all stores have been finalised.

Firstly Sveller Labs has now moved to its new home on Pheadra. This isn’t per say Violet Studios, but it is one of my projects now for over five years offering a hang out for implant fans.
Those customers who are regular should update your landmarks.
I have also taken the opportunity to do some upgrade work on that area too.
The old home for Sveller on Tuck is now decommissioned.

Secondly, the VSX store has had improvements design wise made to it and virtually everything is now migrated. Again, nothing new from the last post except the fact the original VSX store is now decommissioned. I have updated all the VSX landmarks in store, on the Market place and via the update system.

The Tuck sim will remain active until the 5th April 2016 after which point your landmarks to that sim will no longer work.

I will be doing some additional tweeking of the sims over the next week to finalise everything up.

Thanks for reading.