Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Verotic Female Skins - ADV2 Update (Important)

Late last year I released the second Generation of ADV appliers, the ADV2 Hyper All in One applier covering ADV, Omega, Materials and various Implant Support.

Since its release, there were some niggling issues over how the HUD was working in Omega mode. On occasions, the HUD would texture just a part of an Omega body.
We verified that everything on our side was working correctly, so over a period of time we managed to help Omega track back the issue on their side and repair it.

This release is specifically to deal with this issue and when in Omega Mode, the applier will now work without fault.
I would like to apologise to my customers for this issue and sorry it took so long to work out.

In addition to this though is an upgrade.
Many mesh body makers out there have created their hands and feet without toe or finger nails, to give a cleaner look for their integrated mesh nails.
I have had customers mention to me that the texture nails on my skins were causing problems, and I went over to investigate how bad the problem was.

The new ADV2 update now comes with Omega specific hand and feet textures designed without finger or toe nails. The process is automated in the system, however for those who arnt using mesh nails, the system will preset the original body texture first before it sets the Omega hands and feet.

To get your updated copy of the ADV2 applier, simply follow this method

For ADV Customers - Inside the implant applier folder you will find there is an updater.  Simply wear that and a fresh copy will be sent to you.

For ADV2 Customers - Find the ADV2 Implant and Mesh body hud, and wear it - again a fresh copy will be sent to you.

The Demon Studio ADV2 applier update is currently in the works and should be out tomorrow.