Monday, 7 March 2016

Mesh Beards Now in Store

This is another one of my "I really should do that" ideas that never made it to store until today.

Built up in detailed mesh utilising 3 piece design (left and right sides and chin mouth area) these are lovingly crafted to give a realistic and innovative design based on the Demon and Verotic Male skins.
They come with Tattoo Layers too so you can simply add these on to your existing skins.
And, if thats not everything, the beard textures and tattoo layers natural colour is white, so you can tint these to your own specifications.
This is however a first in a long time - these are not scripted. Tinting and Adjustments are to be done manually which is kind of reflected in the price.
They are just 200L$ and are available in the Verotic Male Studio and the Demon Studio.