Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Sims Reorganisation Continued

Since I first opened on Second Life, there has always been a space requirement for everything you do. This is why for a very long time the Violet Studios stores have had this 3 sim set up.
Back in 2010 there were a whole series of physical needs to operate my stores, however in 2016, my product lines have changed and with mesh, land impacts are far smaller than before.

As you will have noticed, I have been reorganising the Violet Studios sims since the start of the year.
There has been an organic logic to this and its now time for the final phase.

Verotic Female and Male Skins have now moved to their new home on the Deaths Head Sim.
Located next to the Demon Studio, the new stores are more compact and quite elegant. Male is on the upper level. Inside you will also find the Reanimator store too.
Please note that the original store on Pheadra is now gone so please update your landmarks.

Replacing the Verotic Stores on Pheadra is the new home of the VSX store.
This does create a new element because in order to do that, I have had to make Pheadra Adult rating. The original VSX store is still in place on Tuck, however it will be decommissioned soon.

I have updated the store lists on the right side with the new store locations.

So why am I doing this?
As I mentioned, Violet Studios has three primary sims. However in this current climate, and with my stores now using far less prims that before, I have decided to consolidate things.

On the 5th of April 2016, our Tuck Sim will be closing down.
At the moment the two primary areas for this are the VSX Store, and the Sveller Labs hangout.
VSX has already moved and over the coming days I will be rebuilding Sveller Labs on Pheadra at which point I will all but clear the Tuck sim.
This will give people near enough 3 weeks to update their landmarks and sort themselves out.

Thanks for reading.