Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Demon Studio - Iconica Horns Now Available

Iconica are very large Captial style horns that represent a bit of a departure for me, in that they are actually beautifully detailed, but very simple.
No metal or blades or gems etc. Just straight up, get the point horns.
But with a little bit of a twist.

As you can see, these are Omega and ADV ready. Where the horns join the head, there is a flesh sleeve that wraps on to the horn, and this sleeve is actually SL UV compatible with the Avatars head, to match up.
Out of the box they work with Violet Studios ADV appliers for skin, and they also include a simple HUD you can wear that will, with the Omega Installer from Omega that costs 99L$ and works with all Violet Studios Products like Fusion etc, you can use Omega appliers too.

If you dont want that though, I have also included a second version which doesnt need skin appliers but uses bones instead.
You get the usual suspects though. Regular or Tones Versions, Materials enhanced, U3 ready with 140+ textures to play with for the bone, and the Materials applier system ready.

And they are just 200L$...