Friday, 19 February 2016

Demon Studio - Koras & Urban Demon Boots Version 4

When I first released the Koras and Urban Demon Boots back in 2009, I had no idea where Violet Studios was going or how the technology on SL would change.
Today I am pleased to introduce the Mark 4 versions and what a difference 6 years makes.

Urban Demon has progressed over the years from its original Prim version then to Rigged Mesh and picking up features and improvements along the way.
Version 4 of the Urban Demon Boots however move to a whole new level.
Firstly you get Fitted Mesh, which means now you get full shape file control. That said I have included other improvements. There are two sizes in the pack – Regular and Wide, which can be used by male or female avatars and all depend on your desired shape. In addition, you get Tartarus Generation hoof bones offering a far more realistic design.
I am also happy to say the Unrigged Version 1 boots have now disappeared from the pack ... finally. In their place are full mesh Version 4 boots, unrigged and easily scales up or down.
As with the Version 3 models you get all 19 LTX textures however for this one, you get another change with the Forza generation of leather textures. You get 10 textures, which are far more toned down and more realistic for leather.
As with the Tartarus philosophy though you also get Materials support throughout. With Latex and Leather textures beautifully finished on the specular and normals mapping to give realistic light reflection and surface textures, and with metal and bone control from the Unlimited 3 materials system, this generation of the Urban demon is simply gorgeous.

Moving over to Koras, this presented a far more indepth redesign.
The original Koras boots were beautiful and sadly as I progressed to the Rigged Mesh versions, down the road, I lost my way a little with them. Specifically the older design was toned down, and for reasons related to Rigging, they got ... wider.
When it came to the Version 4 Koras boots, I knew I wanted to go down the Fitted Mesh route, and as such the development work done on the Rigged versions was technically a dead end.
So, the new boots were started from scratch and to get there, I went right back to the beginning with the Koras Prim versions.
Finessed over many months Koras 4 has been tested in depth, and offers a beautiful design, rich with detail and shape. As always fitted mesh gives you full shape file control, adapting to your avatar.
You also get two version – Slim and Wide so you can pick and choose your style.
There is full control over your options, and via the Koras Set up hud, you can choose to remove the straps and laces if you want to.
As with Urban Demon you get all 19 LTX texture and the 10 Forza Leather options, with full Materials support creating a stunning look.

Finally... If you bought the Urban Demon 2, or Koras 2 Boots previously, these are a free update - just wear the updater that came in the original sales folder to get your copy.