Monday, 22 February 2016

Redesigning the Violet Studios Sims.

As you will have noticed I have been busy working on redeveloping our sims of late, compressing the structure down so it is easier to see everything we do.

As a result, several store have now moved to new locations, some minor moves, some major.

As you will have seen LTX opened a new high tech store on the Deaths Head sim. I can now confirm this is the new LTX main store, and the original store is now decomissioned.

Verotic clothing has also moved to the space next to the new LTX store. I had thought about another unit, but as Verotic clothing will have new additions coming, I though it best to have some space available.

If you hadnt noticed, Beholder moved to Deaths Head quite some time back, now located on the ground level under the Cyber Studio (which also moved).

Next to Beholder is the updated Headmaster Store which is almost in the same place, but down a level.

To finish up, is an ongoing move.
Those who have had a quick fly around the sim will have noticed other changes too, specifically the introduction of mall spaces on the lower level, and the move Viicous Tattoos in to the main bowl area.
These spaces are specifically to take renters from the Busty Village / All Meshed Up mall and the transfer of stores to the new Bowl is in progress.
Once the original mall has been cleared, I will be removing it completely.

As a result of these changes, the access to Sveller Labs has been changed, and while a little sad to say it as it took so long to build, the Caldera Project on Pheadra has been removed.
Dont worry though - the Deaths Head side is still open and I wasnt going to delete the Worlds End pub, which has now moved to the Deaths Head Sim part of Caldera.

I have updated the Landmarks on the side so you can get to where you are going.