Monday, 7 November 2016

Fusion Cyber Studio - Mech Drider

No sooner than I got the Drider in store, requests started flooding in for other odd ball creations, but the big one I got multiple requests for was a Cyber Mech Drider.

Who am I to argue with that, and a considerable amount of messing around later, I am very pleased to release the new Violet Cybernetics / Fusion Cross over in the shape of the Mech Drider.

This is an extreme Cyber style body with animated glow sections.
There are 12 base textures of which 6 are two tone. As per the fleshy version of the Drider, the Abdomen and Legs can be textured separately. You also have Glow control over these two areas too.

Price wise, it is 2000L$ for the complete body, or if you own Fusion already, the Torso only versionis 1000L$. You can find this both in the Cyber Studio or in the Fusion Main Stores.

Here are some extra piccies to give you a better idea.