Thursday, 27 October 2016

Fusion Ultima Drider

Sometimes, things go according to plan. Other times, things just tend to happen. This one falls in to the latter category.

That is exactly what it looks like. It's a Drider.
It is also not exactly the regular fare for SL when it comes to Driders.

This is a full on Fusion Ultima Drider, built in Fitted Mesh.
It features functional legs pain stakingly weight painted to give the best illusion of independent movement. Highly detailed spider body with multiple zone texture areas, 22 two tone body textures, Abdomen overlay with 4 choices of textures. Legs and Abdomen are separate texture zones too. It comes with highly detailed materials.
The Human side matched in perfectly to the Spider body, comes with all the usual Fusion Ultima Benefits including clothing, anatomy etc. It also comes in two version - Blending in or no blend giving you choice to use the skin of your choice.
The Upper body and breasts are regular Fusion Ultima models from the Genesis body, which also means you can customise both of these areas with your choice of Breasts and upper bodies from the Fusion Range.

The Photo Shows the body using the LTX Kalis Cyber Latex outfit in black, which is not included.

Demos are available so you can try before you buy. The Full body is 2000L$ - some would say that is a steal at that price considering the detail work thats gone in to this.

Already own Fusion? Don't worry. I did a Pix n Mix Torso only too. That is 1000L$ and will match to your existing Fusion parts!

You can find the Drider in the Fusion Main stores (Pheadra and Deaths Head) and in the Demon Studio too.