Monday, 5 December 2016

Demon Studio - Valhalla Loreblade Horns

Always love Winter, and the associated Flu that comes with... All I can say is even if I am not fully better yet, I am back at work picking up where I left off.

A month back I started the slow release of the new Valhalla series of horns. Continuing with that theme, I am pleased to release the Loreblade horns.

These are quite different to anything I have produced before, featuring single multi spike blade style horns. With accented metal trims throughout and a design that sits off the head, Loreblade is one of my finest designs to date.

They are in the Demon Studio now, priced at 225L$

I would also like to say, things are getting back to normal now, so expect quite a few more releases over the next few weeks!