Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Tudoto Mesh Body Released

This one will probably come as a surprise.

Introducing Tudoto.

There is quite a bit of info there, but here is what you need to know.
This is a standardised body. Its not like Fusion in that you cant swap pieces out and replace them.
Its core function is to work with mesh clothing which requires one shape.

You get all of the other Fusion technical features such as Omega, ADV, Materials, Asymmetrical appliers etc.
The VSX Genitalia for Fusion will work with the body, as will the Special Legs (which have all been updated.

In some way this new body is when it comes to show hide zones superior to Fusion Ultima. There are over 100 Show hide zones with an intelligent set up system to help you get fast results (in testing setting up a generic style dress for show hide takes as little as 20 second).

But, really where this is superior in all respect is that it works very effectively with mesh clothing.
Tested over various shape files and with over 100 outfits, Tudoto worked with a good 95% of tested outfits so while its not perfect, it does an excellent job.

Being polite to the creators of these fantastic items Hilly Haalan gets all the credit for the clothing and Venus Shoes for the heels. I have provided landmarks in store to these creators.

As you can seen Tudoto is almost the opposite of Fusion with one body shape only, but offering amazing flexibility over mesh clothing.
Demos are in store for the body which comes in at 2000L$.
I have also written up a great deal of marketing data for this. Its worth a read.

On a side note, as I mentioned the Legs, I have at a customers request, build Amazon leg versions of the Furry Heavy legs too which are included in the update.