Thursday, 26 November 2015

Verotic Skin Studio - ADV2 Skins and Make Ups now available

The Verotic ADV2 series skins are based on the original ADV Series, however as you will see, the idea behind ADV2 is to make things simple. Really Simple.

At a Glance: Massively improved store with simple layout, Skins are now pure "base" skins (add your own make ups), Old Integrated make ups now available as tattoo layers with Omega ADV Appliers and a selection of 65 make ups (more coming), ADV2 Mesh and Implant Hud - a simple easy to use system now with native Tangos application (so you dont have to put a script in anymore), ADV2 Materials integration for vStrings and Mesh bodies (ADV and Omega), Lower prices (see below) with skins coming in at 995L$ and make ups at 150L$ each.

In more detail

Base Skin System. Since 2012 Verotic has offered the Blanker series of skins. These Blankers give you a clean sheet to work from make up wise, and utilising tattoo layer make ups, you can now get the exact look you want.
This makes buying the skins much simpler. The Old Verotic ADV line had a total of 33 Sales boards with upwards of 40 options each. Now there are just 8 Boards (covering the skin groups) with less than 7 options on each. Takes up less space, you get to pick the skin you want.

Price Reduction. As many of you will know, Verotics skins have always cost 1200L$. And as you will see, the prices for the new ADV2’s are cheaper coming in at 995L$. The reason is simple for this price reduction. They only come with a basic natural generic make up.

Introducing the ADV2 Make ups. Tattoo Layer make ups are nothing new to Verotic, but the extremely complex Evolution make ups are now a thing of the past with our bare basics ADV2 Make up system. You get one tattoo layer make up, and the ADV2 make up layer applier system which is Omega Compatible. As a result of this, again, you get a cheaper price of 150L$.
At the moment, I have released 65 Make ups. You get the exact same options as you did on the original integrated ADV1 skins, plus reworked and improved versions of the original Evo Make ups.
More will be arriving soon.

ADV2 Mesh and Implant HUD. When we did ADV, we released our cutting edge Mesh body appliers, and integrated simple implant appliers. Today, I am very pleased to say we have improved and simplified things even further with the release of the ADV2 Applier, which comes with Implants and Mesh Body appliers built in. For Implants, you will be pleased to hear that we have now included a native Lolas Tangos applier – no need for script installs for Tangos / Mirage / Deliq. On top of this, no need for an Omega Bridge with this applier. Omega is built in. And, you also get hud control system now so the hud auto positions and can be resized. There is one last thing though but it leads on to this next point.

Materials Integration. The ADV2 Applier HUD is a neat piece of kit by itself, but when you add on to the hud vString, ADV and Omega Materials applications, it takes things to a whole new level.
Taking advantage of Second Life’s recent Materials improvements, you can now add surface texturing and detailed light shine reflections to mesh objects if you have Advanced Lighting model running. The ADV2 Applier hud comes with 7 different materials options for ADV and Omega, and 4 different options for vStrings, creating a whole new level of shine and depth for your skin on you mesh body.

Free Updates. If you already have the ADV Skins, then don’t worry. You arnt getting left behind. If you use your Updater, you will instantly get the ADV2 Applier system. At Violet Studios, we always treat our customers right.

Enjoy your shop!

Hemi Violet