Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Headmasters Hair Studio 2016 Project

The pace of change on Second Life is often hectic at the best of times, and for me, running a store as large as Violet Studios its often easy to miss out on things that are trending out there.
Headmasters was established back in 2010, offering (for the time period) high quality hairs. Over the next few years it really made a mark for itself. However sadly things slipped. I got tied up in mesh production work on vString and later Fusion and I missed quite a few things happening.
The store did get various updates and improvement, and a small volume of new products went through, however for at least the last two years, Headmasters has been all but forgotten as I focused on other projects.

Recently I have taken a breather from vString and Fusion to look at what my other stores are doing, and Headmasters has always been in the back of my mind as I have wondered why sales dropped.
I known the hairs in there were out of date but, I had missed what almost seems to have been a hair war on the grid.
Today, hairs are cheap as chips, making the older established pricing systems for hairs redundant. That surprised me. With the advent of mesh, we saw an influx of new creators on the grid and in order to complete, obviously people had to find an edge, and the result is hairs that are being sold for next to nothing or at regular prices, but with extreme options.

For me, this means I have had to evaluated what Headmasters offers.
In the end, I have decided that I should simplify what was on offer.

This morning I have cleared out probably 30 hairs in store that were in my books not up to scratch quality wise. The remainder are the cream of what Headmasters have offered.
From there, came the simplification.
My plan is to bring out a totally new Headmasters Store for 2016 and clear out the older generations of hairs, however the quality of these hairs is even by todays standards good so I would be a bit daft to delete them.
Hence following with the plan for the 2016 studio, they have been simplified.
Firstly, the individual packs have now gone. You get just one pack now – the all in one.
I have also dropped the price in line with the current market prices for this all in one pack which is now 400L$
The store has also been cleaned up and reorganised so its easier for customers with the store now being more compact.

Expect more news on the 2016 Headmasters project soon.