Friday, 27 November 2015

Demon Studio - ADV2 Demoness Skins and Make Ups now available

 Following on from Yesterday massive Verotic ADV2 release, comes its sister project – the ADV2 Demoness Skins.

At a Glance: Massively simplified set up with skins are now pure "base" skins (add your own make ups), Old Integrated make ups now available as tattoo layers with Omega ADV Appliers and a selection of make ups, ADV2 Mesh and Implant Hud - a simple easy to use system now with native Tangos application (so you dont have to put a script in anymore), ADV2 Materials integration for vStrings and Mesh bodies (ADV and Omega), Lower prices (see below) with skins coming in at 995L$ and make ups at 150L$ each.

The Demon Studio Skins follow a parallel with the Verotic Skins feature wise, so I wont go back over these.If you want to know more, the detailed post is below.

Where the demon skins differ is when you get to Torya and Abyss. These skins feature highly detailed Normal mapping on materials, which mirror the body skin styles.

A few last point to note is that there will be free updates coming for customers (it will take me some time so apologies for that) and although the skins sales boards do say they come with Demo Appliers, we are still developing these – please bear with us on this and they will be arriving soon.

Hemi Violet