Tuesday, 21 February 2017

VSXM 1.5 Update (Materials & Omega)

When I built VSXM it was built on the back of years of research and development with VSX. Although fundamentally a different design idea it used the foundations of VSX and with VSX5 having being developed alongside VSXM, both products were at the time a pinnacle of my work on VSX.
That said, I still expected to be dealing with customer requests, upgrades or other items, even repair work, which is why it really came as a surprise when I looked back and realised VSXM is nearly 3 years old and in that time I have only released one minor update to it.

As many customers will have seen, I updated VSX to Version 6 recently, transferring the products over to mesh, integrating materials on to them, and introducing the Omega / ADV ready bulges and camel toes.
I am now pleased to say, VSXM has now progressed to Version 1.5.

In this update customers get both the Materials Update and the Bulge Camel Toe update, however because this is VSXM, there is something more to it.
On VSX, Materials (the technology that makes things have surface depth and shine) came as a stand alone, preinstalled item.
With VSXM, you get choices.

The new Materials HUD gives you complete control over the materials on the products. With six options for normals, and six options for specular shine over two major areas (head / shaft and Base) I have created enough options to keep everyone happy and the result is quite spectacular.

Existing customers, as per the Violet Studios Way get the update free. All you need to do is wear the updater included with your original purchase and a fresh copy will be sent over to you.