Saturday, 25 February 2017

Verotic Male and Nosferatu ADV2 Skins Available

Following on from last nights release of the Demon Skins, today there are two major releases.

Short version:
Verotic Zen and Tiber Skins have been updated and reworked to ADV2 spec.
All six primary skins have been rebuilt, and there is a brand new 07 very dark skin for both models.

In the Nosferatu Studio, there is a double release covering both male and female ADV2.

In Detail

Highlights from the release are:
Single base skins replace the wide array of beard options. These are still available but now in Tattoo Layer format, plus you get Omega Appliers for Mesh heads for the beards.
ADV2 Mesh Applier HUD gives you complete control with Omega Advanced built in to the HUD.
Materials Support - brand new for this release is a choice fo 7 different materials settings for the skins.
On top of this there is the brand new 07 dark skin for both Tiber and Zen.
Skins are priced a 995L$

 Those of your familiar with the female ADV2 appliers will know they come with a similar set up to the male but you also get breast implant appliers and vString materials appliers.
Existing customers can wear the updater to get the latest copy.


Again, with this you get a very similar set up to the Verotic Skins with materials on board and both ADV and Omega Advanced available from the HUD.

All of these are in store now!