Tuesday, 16 June 2015

vString Revolutions 4.6 Update

It is fair to say that you can't get everything spot on first time.
When it came to the Fusion Phase 2 project, and considering the unreal scope and scale of the project, there were going to be a few thing that slipped through the cracks.

We have over the last 3 months, been looking at Fusion, Wideload and Revolutions, listening to customer feedback and getting bugs, errors, and oddities sorted out slowly, however about a month ago, we came across a show stopper bug on Fusion that needed fixing so we started to collate all of the information on these things we gathered and started to work through them.

The First part of this release is the 4.6 Revolution update.

The Revolutions have been breathed on with this upgrade going up a notch in the process.
Firstly there were a number of bugs in the stand alone Revolutions. These ranged from minor top issues, nipple poke throughs etc, to menu errors. These have all been repaired.

Secondly as you will have seen on the Essentials, we integrated in Second Life Materials support. The Revolutions now have Materials support too with the Materials appliers.

Another customer request following the release of the new X-Loon vString Specials, was over the Mega Nipple. I have resisted this for a long time, as I like more realistic nipples, however... you win.
Saline, Silicone, Helium and Stars now have a new Mega Nipple Option.

Revolution / Fusion Advanced Piercings
This is a minor upgrade but still a rather cool one that came from a customer request.
On the Advanced Piercing, you got to choose from 44 options that affected both piercings.
On this upgrade you still get the 44 choices, but you now have independent left and right sides, allowing you to fit one style of piercing to the left, and another to the right. In addition you can now preset a hide on the left or right too meaning you can wear just one piercing if you fancy.

 Fusion Revolutions 1.5
As part of this project we have been working through all Fusion parts. It does make logicial sense that we have included the Fusion Revolutions updates with this box. You now get the 1.5 Stable Release of the Fusion Revolutions breasts with that, along with the nipple and smart piercing upgrades.
This update is semi optional but it is recommended, especially if you are going to be using Materials support.

As always, this upgrade is free. Simply wear your updater, or pop in to the vString main store and get your updates from the Redelivery Terminals.

More news on the Fusion 1.5 update will be coming over the next week or two as we finalise some exciting new features.