Sunday, 23 March 2014

LTX Skins move to ADV Design System

A few weeks back I was proud to release the all new Verotic ADV Skin system in to store.

With many new options available and extremely innovative options, at the core of the ADV system was the capability to use our new Mesh Applier system which is designed to work with multiple brands of Mesh attachments such as Sking's Butt's and Phat Azz, as well as our in house and yet to be released "Polymorph" studio products.

I am pleased to say that the LTX Skins have now moved to being ADV Specification, with the Mesh Applier system ready to use.
As the LTX skins are far simpler than our other skins, I decided to release these as a FREE update.
If you look in your sales folder, find the updater and Wear it, you will receive the ADV specification version of your LTX skin.