Sunday, 23 March 2014

Demon Studio - Wings and Hooves Update

As you may have seen above, we have recently released the ADV Demoness skins, and as part of that update, we created 15 all new colours for our customers.

It goes without saying that I like to keep all my products up to date especially when I releasing new skins, so as a result of that, all 10 new Elyssian and 5 new Abyss colours are now available on both our wings and hooves.

On the wings though, there was a phantom bug that had been irritating me for a very long time and for love nor money I couldnt trace it back... in fact I couldnt even get it to happen but I have seen customers enduring the bug, and I knew it was there.
As part of this update to the ADV skin colours, I decided once and for all to hammer down this bug, find out what it was and why it was happening.
And after 2 hours of looking like a rabbit hopping all over the place, I finally managed to find the specific series of buttons to mash on the hud to get the bug to happen.

Needless to say, once found it wasnt a hard job to repair it so if you were one of the many who had issues with the wings not closing on landing even though the wings were set to auto - its now fixed on the Mark 9 Wing release.

As always these updates are free (and remember, many of our wings are nearly 5 YEARS old now so... its been 5 years of development and updates all given free).
On the Wings, simply wear the wings hud and you will be sent the update. This update applies to ALL wings - even the Cyber wings which needed the script updates for the Auto folding issues.
On the Hooves, look in the original sales folder and you will find the Updater box - wear it and a new copy of your hooves will be sent! These updates are available for Male and Female current model hooves.