Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Violet Studio LSL Issues - Please Read

 Well, looks like Linden Lab have been making SL better again by breaking loads of scripts across the grid with "security" updates and it seems some of my products were not immune from this.

Since 2010 I have been using a texture application script on various products.

These include all LTX, Headmasters and Cyber Studio Hairs and Demon Studio Wings and Classic Hooves.

After a marathon session in the lab I have repaired all the items in the stores that have been affected, however many of these products were no available to update and the hooves and wings had the Hippo Update system broken when Hippo as a business shut down.

So... what to do?

Sadly due to the sheer number of items and products and customers buying these over the years, I cannot do manual updates and I am sorry to say, I will not be doing that. It would simply overwhelm me.

However... I have put out in store the updated scripts for all these products along with instructions on how to update them yourself. It is not complex - it is just rezzing the product out, deleting one or two scripts in the item, then putting in the updated scripts.

You can find this update in the Demon Studio, Cyber Studio (where the hairs are), LTX Studio (next to the hairs again) and in the Headmasters Store too.

It is free, buy it, follow the instructions and you are all good.

I am sorry about this and as usual Linden Labs do love improving things by breaking them. All good fun.