Thursday, 2 January 2020

Violet Studios Redux

So, this is what 2020 looks like. Feels better.

First off, a way of an explanation over what has been going on. The truth is since about 2015, and although I didn't want to admit this to myself, I was becoming creatively burnt out. This all started coming to a head in 2018. I was stuck in a rut, unable and unmotivated as I tried to go in circles with projects and ultimately getting nothing done.

To that end, I had no choice but to walk away, a clean break to do something entirely different. I couldn't stay on here as all that would have happened would have been that I would not have been able to break free or recharge my creative batteries.

Hence I pretty much disappeared from the grid. I am sorry about that but sometimes in life you need to do these things and I really needed to do that.

It is now 18 months on from that decision and it is now 2020 and I finally feel that I have broken free of that vicious circle. I have new ideas, new directions I want to take and yes, I will be doing some updating too, but I also needed to do some remedial work.

Over the next week, you will see things starting to change around the sims.

Those changes are already underway. Back in 2015 I decided to create the Caldera Project. In hindsight that was not so much of a good idea even if it seemed like that at the time.  Those who have been around Violet Studios since we opened will know the Demon Sanctuary Castle was always a prominent feature of the sim although when Caldera opened, I moved it.

Well, the Sanctuary is now back in pride of place where it always was. I have also moved the World's End Pub down to ground level although it will need some extra work before it reopens. The long and short is that Caldera is now officially gone as I bring everything back to where it should be.

Now... I could tell you what is coming next, but to be honest I don't know. The next 2 to 3 weeks will be spent trying to bring everything up to date. After that new projects will be here.

I guess what I am trying to say is this.

It's 2020 - Violet Studios is back in business.