Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Demon Studio - Vespar 6 Hooves now available

These may have taken a while to produce, but I can finally announce the release of Vespar 6 Female Demon hooves. These revised hooves come with a fitted mesh stand alone version that can be used with the original SL avatar and potentially other mesh bodies.
You get Omega Advanced support, as well as a clothing and tattoo layer plus a daily hud to operate those layers.
As with all Tartarus Fusion hooves though, you get Fusion support as well giving you seamless body integration.
Due to the design the selection is limited to slimmer styles of body however you get tailored legs for:
Fusion Ultima Genesis, Model, Athletic, Skinny, Anime, Andro, All Woman, Wideloads Classic, and finally Tutodo.

You get all the usual refinements including huge options on the bone set ups through the Demon Studio Unlimited 3 system, glow colour and control and more.

These hooves being a direct update from the originals are also available as a free update for existing customers.