Saturday, 18 March 2017

Fusion Female - Minor Update

Since Fusion Ultima was released I have had on and off people saying that the Corset functionality was not working correctly and part were showing through, even with my own products.

I investigated this but didnt come up with anything however I have now found out a blending inner sleeve has been causing problems. Technically this was supposed to give users the ability to hide this inner sleeve had some odd bugs in its coding.
As a result of this I have gone back to basics with the inner sleeve, done some minor reworks and cleaned up the scripting bugs to ensure it does what it is supposed to do.

All the upper bodies; Genesis, Athletic, Amazon, Andro, Ruben, Skinny and Valkyrie; have been updated with the reworked scripts and a slightly adapted inner body sleeve with improvements.
In addition, the Master Set up HUDs have also been amended.
Previously there was just Inner Body Sleeve on and off.
Now there is Upper and Lower Inner Body Sleeves on and off.

If you already have your body set up and have not noticed any issues you dont need to update. Everything work as it should do. However if you have found a problem with Corsets and bits sticking through, then you will need to grab this revision.

Get them in store via the Redelivery terminals or via the updater included.