Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Tartarus Legs Maitreya Update

Customers have been asking for this update for quite a while now, and I am pleased to say I finally got around to it.

Yes, all the Tartarus Legs - Aezor, Dragoness, Necrosol, Skizma and Zarnar - have now been updated to include a Maitreya ready set of legs.
These are not like Fusion - they simply overlay the Maitreya body. There is a seam line.
However I have taken great pain in getting the texture joints to line up as best as is possble, and I think you can see from the picture above, the job is very complete.
No photo trickery there.

These are a free update for people who already have the legs. Just wear your updater or head in store to use the redelivery system.