Saturday, 2 May 2015

Demon Studio - Tartarus Belize Horns Released

Back in 2009 when I started Violet Studios, SL was such a different world. Sculpted prims were the height of technology and if you wanted clean objects design wise, you needed to use Primitives.
Still, from that point, I went forward and using the best I had available at the time designed many products that established Violet Studios as one of the best producers out there.
Its now 2015, and since those early days, Second Life has moved on.

Back in those early days I designed many sets of horns. Some of those horns have over time proven to be extremely popular with customers and one of the sets that have almost become legendary, are the original "Bub" horns.

The Tartarus Project is all about utilising Mesh to create the ultimate forms of Violet Studios products and one product I really wanted to revist, was Bub.
Taking the original basic design theory of Bub, Belize is the ultimate evolution.
As you can see from the sales boards, I havent held back, mixing in extremely high detail mesh, with innovative detailing. And you get two designs. A softer, more elegant design with chains and gems, and a harder, more aggressive larger style with spike and metal tipping

Both sets are included, and both sets come in at 300L$ - They are in the demon store now (see the right side for a direct teleport link).